Our Mission

Provide developers with the "last mile" of interconnectivity of APIs and Services so they can spend their valuable time building instead of tooling.

Scaffoldly reduces the time it takes to create a SaaS platform from months to minutes.

By prescribing and configuring industry-standard tools, services, and techniques, we provide the “scaffolding” that SaaS startups need:

A secure Cloud environment

Amazon Web Services + Terraform

Fully Functional and Connected API Templates, Web Portals

Angular Templates, Serverless NodeJS + Express Templates

User Authentication + 2FA

Serverless Authentication API Template

Code delivery pipelines

GitHub Actions

With Scaffoldly, a technical founder only needs to choose their tech-stack, and let Scaffoldly create, configure, and maintain the structure of their SaaS platform.

Without Scaffoldly, technical founders will spend countless hours configuring and maintaining their SaaS platform to deliver and run reliably, instead of writing the core product.

Founders using Scaffoldly have complete control over their SaaS platform. They won’t need to migrate to something new as they scale.


Christian Nuss

Scaffoldly Founder

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